Owning a tree is like owning a pet, you have to do things to maintain them. Just because they grow directly from a tree and will likely to get the nutrients they need doesn’t mean that they don’t need care like proper grooming. For an average homeowner, it could be tough for you to know when and how to prune. It needs some skills and knowledge about proper pruning to be able to give the trees the grooming they deserve. The trees will benefit a lot from pruning and grooming, so you should know when and how. Professionals of tree removal in Albany NY share the following.


Types of Trimming 

There are types of trimming you should have knowledge about so you would know the type that your tree needs. Fine pruning is the type where you remove the small limbs, and its purpose is for aesthetics and appearance. Standard pruning on the other hand involves heavy cutting to enhance the branch structure of the tree.  

Hazard trimming is done to trees that have potential on harming the safety of those who live near them. The trimming will remove the branches that are 2 inches in diameter or more. Lastly, the crown reduction trimming, it is done to remove the major branches and should be done when there is a storm damage, dieback and interfere the power lines.  


When you perform proper trimming, you can improve the tree’s health by eliminating the branches that are dying or already dead. These branches are dangerous and they will risk the safety of your family, they also have the possibility of damaging your property. Trimming these branches will prevent further damage to the trees.  

Aside from safety and health issues, trimming and pruning also improves the structure and appearance of the tree. The trimmed branches also stop them from developing weak or broad branches. Trimming the branches will also prevent the limb from growing with weak crotches or competing and crossing each other. Tangled branches will also make the others weak because of the competition of the nutrients.  

When you trim the branches, you also increase the tree’s exposure to air and sun which improves the health of the trees. You just have to be aware of the sun-scald which will affect the leafless deciduous trees during the cold in winter time.  

Trimming the trees will also improve fruit production for those fruit bearing trees. It will improve the quantity and size of the crop which means more fruits for you. When you prune, make sure it is during later winter to expose and shape the center of the tree for more sunlight. Pruning also allows the trees to compensate for root loss and begins training itself for good shape.  

Aside from the things we mentioned, pruning the tree properly will also improve the view of your property! Imagine having a property without plants around it. It lacks color and appeal. When you plant trees around your property, you will feel closer to nature.