The garage door in our house is the largest moving part that is used a lot of times per day, at any hour for many years. It keeps our stored belongings safe and secured the more reason that we have to do some maintenance to ensure that it’s still in good working condition. To guarantee that your garage door will be functioning for the next decades, do the following preventive care and maintenance.  

Garage Doors

Tighten Up Hardware 

A garage door is expected to last for 10,000 cycles or more, so the door moves up and down a thousand times per year, double that number if you always use the garage and open/close the year a lot of times per day. So, the garage door experiences a lot of vibration and movement which results to loosening up of the hardware. Make sure to tighten the bolts and roller brackets using a socket wrench.   


Do not neglect your garage door, the best and simplest thing you can do is observe, look and listen closely to how your garage door performs. Is it still moving up and down smoothly, is there any jerking up? Does it operate noisily or quietly? Examine if the pulleys, springs and cables look symmetrical. Listen to the sound the door makes every time it closes and opens.  

Test the Balance 

Balance is important for garage doors. If it’s not properly balanced, the garage door will multiply its effort to open and close the door. So expect that it won’t last long. Check the opener by disconnecting if from the door. You can tell that the springs are not balanced if the opener doesn’t stay put. You will have to hire professionals of Garage Door Replacement in Lawrenceville GA to adjust the spring.  

Replace the Weather Stripping 

If the rubber weather strip on the bottom of your door is cracked or brittle, you have to replace it right away so no elements can get inside the garage. You can buy a weather stripping at the hardware, it is sold by foot. Just follow the instructions on how to insert them into the inside of the door.  

Inspect and Replace the Rollers 

The rollers of the garage, whether they are nylon or steel, should be inspected at least twice per year. It should also be replaced once every seven years especially if you use the garage door multiple time per day. Chipped, worn and cracked rollers should be replaced right away. You can do this by removing and reinstalling roller brackets.  

Lubricate Moving Parts 

Lubricate the garage door’s moving parts to add some years to the door’s lifespan. It will only take you 10-15 minutes per year. Use a spray lubricant and white lithium grease on the screw and chains. For the other parts, you can call a garage door specialist to handle them.  

Test the Safety Features 

Modern garage doors have built-in garage safety features, maximizing its function to your home. To test the mechanical feature, put a brick or piece of wood in the door’s ground path.