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We have to have and should give Equal Rights, and Equal Freedom to everyone equally as individuals. It is not right that only special groups of people have the Right not to be offended. Apparently we are calling these hate crimes; you cannot legislate away feelings, you cannot legislate away hate, or anything else people feel. You can only give every individual equal protection and Equal Rights under the Law. It is not the fault of the Law if people are treated unequally; it is the fault of the people who administer and enforce the Law. We need to try and change people, not the Law. Making special Laws for special groups of people does not make everyone equal, only with Equal Rights, Equal Laws, Equal Justice, and Equal Freedom, can everybody be equally protected individually, and be free. What people find offensive is too subjective to be made against the Law. If you're going to give some groups of people the Right not to be offended, then everyone individually should have the Equal Right not to be offended. If you're going to outlaw what offends some people then you should outlaw what offends everyone individually. Then we could outlaw just about anything and everything, because nearly anything and everything is offensive to someone. We have to outlaw everything people find offensive, or nothing people find offensive, to give Equal Rights to everyone individually. I choose the power of Liberty and Freedom, to outlaw nothing people find offensive.

I believe in self-censorship; that people should not go to places they find offensive, they should not look at or watch what they find offensive, they should not read things they find offensive, they should not listening to people they find offensive, to censor for themselves and not others, or the collective, or society. Individuals should have the Right, the Power and the Freedom to go where they want to go, to look at or watch what they want to, read what they want to read, listening to what they want to listen to, and most important of all, say, write, think, create and feel what ever they like, to be individual and free.

The continually put forward Amendment to the Constitution, to outlaw the burning of the American Flag, should not be passed; even though I feel loathed and offended by the burning of the American Flag, because it symbolizes to me, the individual Freedom, Rights and Liberty that our forefathers fought and gave their lives for, it also represents to me the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which to me are sacred documents. Many brave people have fought and died for our individual Rights, Liberty and Freedom, and what this Country represents under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with the American Flag as their symbol of pride in this Country. But I hope they gave their lives for what the American Flag represents to them, and not just for the symbol itself. This is the only Country on Earth, where we have the freedom and the Right to burn the symbol, the flag. Where people are not put in jail or killed for expressing their political dissent. I personally think that anyone who would burn our flag, should be given a one-way ticket, to any other Country on Earth. But we should not have political prisoners in this Country. I believe in freedom and liberty, more than the symbol that represents it. People should have the Right to express their political dissent; any way they so choose, so long as they do not hurt or violate anyone else's person, property, privacy or freedom. For me to set one symbol above all other symbols, by making it the only symbol that you can put people in jail for desiccating it, is tantamount to idolatry. You have to be willing to pay the price for freedom and liberty, and sometimes the price seems great, but the blessings of liberty are greater, to be free, and stay free, true freedom is worth any cost.

The American flag has been an honored symbol; the flag that we draped over the bodies and caskets of our honored dead. The American flag has been consecrated with their blood, in their fight for Family, Country, Liberty and Freedom. But burning the American flag can take nothing away from their Great Sacrifice; it is only the symbol of that Sacrifice, and not the Sacrifice itself. No one or nothing can ever take away from or Diminish, the Lives that have been given, and the Sacrifices that have been made, for Family, for Country, for Liberty and for Freedom.

But we should give Honor to our symbol of Liberty, long May She Wave, ore the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave. The Stars and Stripes of Freedom; the Flag of the United States of America, symbol of the Freest Nation on Earth, and the Sacrifices that have been made, and the Lives that have been given for that Liberty and Freedom. Do not let their Sacrifices be empty, or in vain. Let Freedom Ring from Sea to shining Sea, for now and forevermore.

We have to give the power of liberty and freedom to everyone, or no one can be truly free, to be all that we can be, and the best that we can be, with equal rights, equal laws, equal justice and equal freedom's. Do not take your liberty and freedom for-granted, your freedom is worth fighting for and even dying for as so many of the brave have done before us. We must be forever vigilant, to be free and stay forever free individually, in the Freest Nation on Earth.

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Written by N Scott Mills

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